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How you Probate Matters

The role of the Will

The Will is a legal document that communicates the plan for the disposition of your assets to your beneficiaries. For a will to be validated easily, it must have key facets—intent, original signatures, notary and witnesses to name a few. This validating process happens through a series of court filings in the county where the decedent resided. Once validated, an Executor is appointed to administer the estate.

The role of the Executor

It is the role of the Executor  to gather pertinent documentation related to the decedent’s estate. With a comprehensive list of creditors and assets, the attorneys at Ament Law Group can help navigate the process of tying up loose ends such as notifying creditors, accountants, insurance providers, as well as  beneficiaries of the estate in order to expedite the probate process. Our team handles the Court filings, the Inheritance Tax Return, and all the other details you may not be aware are required in order to get you to a point where the estate can be closed. 

Do you need to Probate?

Depending on the size of the decedent’s estate, our attorneys can help you understand whether you need to probate it. In some instances the assets that will be inherited are considered “non-probate” or the value of the assets do not require you to probate. If you have questions, please call us today as it may help to save you time and money.

“Wills are uncanny and electric documents. They lie dormant for years and then spring to life when their author dies, as if death were rain.”

Janet Malcom

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