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Estates and Trusts

Protect what Matters

Special Needs

Our attorneys help clients with all different types of beneficiaries, from those that are responsible with their money, to those that are spendthrifts. Our Attorneys help clients understand the risks of leaving assets outright to certain beneficiary-types and will review whether a particular beneficiary has special needs that should be considred as part of the plan.

Drugs or Gambling

Unfortunately, the news is fraught with stories of drugs and gambling. Our Attorneys can help you protect not only your legacy, but also protect your beneficiary from losing what you worked so hard to earn.

Unintended Beneficiary

Some of our clients have children that may not have married the ideal person – our Attorneys can help protect your legacy and ensure they do not receive anything from your estate when you pass. 

“Any one may so arrange his affairs that his taxes shall be as low as possible.”

Judge Learned Hand

we help you Plan the Right Way...Ahead.

Our Attorneys offer comprehensive estate and trust planning services that include tax planning, business succession planning, wealth preservation and transfer planning, charitable planning, and drafting of Wills, Powers of Attorney, Advanced Healthcare Directives, Revocable Living Trusts, and Irrevocable Trusts.

Documents Everyone should consider regardless of estate size:


Last Will and Testament

A Last Will and Testament outlines who manages your estate and who will inherit your personal belongings, accounts, and other assets after you pass away. Without a Will, Pennsylvania statute will dictate.


Durable Power of Attorney

A Durable Power of Attorney allows an individual that you appoint to make financial decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so yourself. It is an important document to have in place so that a Guardianship is not required if something unexpected happens to you. 


Healthcare Power of Attorney/Living Will

A Healthcare Power of Attorney appoints an agent to make decisions for you regarding your medical care and treatment.  A Living Will contemplates end-of-life treatments you would desire.  Our Attorneys are adept at these discussions and can get through them with minimal discomfort for clients.

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