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Real Estate Assessment Appeal

Assessment Appeals
Property owners pay taxes based on an assessed value placed on the property by the county. An assessment appeal disputes the county’s opinion of taxable value on your property.

Appeal Services
At the Ament Law Group, P.C., we represent commercial and residential clients throughout Pennsylvania. We argue on the taxpayer’s behalf to lower their real estate tax burden. By providing us with your your Parcel Tax ID number and your address, we can help you get your appeal started.

From time to time counties throughout Pennsylvania complete a countywide reassessment of all properties within its jurisdiction. This is often a confusing and stressful situation for many taxpayers. If you have questions concerning your new assessment give one of the Attorneys at Ament Law Group, P.C. a call. We have significant experience with property valuation and assessment appeals that will be able to help you understand your new assessment and if an appeal is right for you.