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We are an experienced, full-service real estate settlement law firm that has worked with lenders, loan originators, realtors, buyers, and sellers for over fifty (50) years combined, to ensure seamless residential and commercial real estate transaction. Our attorneys recognize that the key to keeping real estate closings simple is to be involved from beginning to end—which means that one of our highly-experienced attorneys works on every file and attends every closing, at no additional cost to the client!

Why you need a Real Estate Attorney

Saving you time and Money
Protecting the buyer: A seller’s agent is there to represent the seller, not the buyer. Keep in mind that they may not have your best interests in mind when trying to make the sale. As a buyer, you need someone who is dedicated to protecting your interests, not protecting the broker’s commission.
Minimizing Risk
Our attorneys attempt to identify problems and explain risks and after reviewing the purchase agreement to establish appropriate safeguards, we then order and review the title report. Many brokers are affiliated with a title insurance company, which means they make a profit when you get your title insurance through that company. That may or may not be in your best interest. Some title companies will look for loopholes to avoid paying or defending claims. We are agents for Fidelity National Title Insurance, which we believe is among the best Title Insurance Agency in the market with a strong reputation of honoring their obligations should problem arise.
Settlement Services
All of our real estate attorneys are licensed Pennsylvania title insurance agents and work with the realtors and lenders to ensure a smooth real estate transaction. We do no outsource our title work and are knowledgeable on the process from beginning to end.
Accurate Legal Advice
Brokers or agents will prepare agreements or addenda, but they are not lawyers. Many people rely on their real estate agents to help them when buying and selling property, but an agent may not be qualified to explain the legal details or ramifications of a transaction. We provide legally accurate information you can rely on, and we make sure the agreement or addendum does what they are intended to do.
Removing Barriers
Our real estate attorneys always review the title report to determine if there is anything unusual that may pose a risk to the sale. If we discover a problem — a lien or other impediment to a clear title — we can advise the buyer or work with the seller to address the problem before the sale. We understand that you do not want a headache in a couple of years, therefore, when we close a transaction, it is done.
Protecting Sellers
A real estate listing agreement generally provides for payment of commission for a period as long as six months or a year. Brokers may try to claim a commission even after the listing agreement terminates. These clauses benefit the broker, but can be a risk for you if your broker is not performing well. Our real estate lawyers would be happy to review your listing agreement before you sign it to ensure that you understand your rights and obligations under the listing agreement. Additionally, we can advised you on the Sellers Property Disclosure to avoid future liability.
No ugly surprises at closing
Our attorneys attend every real estate closing to ensure that no problems arise that would delay the sale. We do our best to explain all closing documents – we do not perform “here, sign this” closing. Also, if there is a last-minute change, we can help you negotiate that change and can draft appropriate language or documents to address them.

know your rights

In Pennsylvania it is the Buyer’s right to choose who does their real estate settlement. Why settle for a non-attorney run settlement company, when you can have peace of mind that a professional is handling your matter – at little, to no additional expense to you. Also, keep in mind that in some instances, real estate agents have “Affiliated Business Arrangements” (ABAs) with certain title companies. This arrangement is a legal way for realtors and title companies to share in the profits of the transaction. If you are purchasing a home through a real estate agent, look for forms you sign that disclose this arrangement and require you to use a particular title company. You do not have to sign these forms. As a Buyer, you need to be aware that the only reason to use the title company affiliated with your real estate agent is if this is actually your best choice!

How we are different

Licensed Pennsylvania Title Agents

Not just another title company

Our attorneys are Pennsylvania licensed Title Insurance Agents and Notary Public.  Also, since they are practicing attorneys they carry full Professional Liability Insurance. Our attorneys are underwritten by Fidelity National Financial, Inc., a Fortune 500 company, and the United States’ largest provider of commercial and residential title insurance.  With over 160 years in operation, Fidelity is one of the most trusted and well-recognized title insurance providers.

Simply put: We Close.

Other Areas of Real Estate

Assessment Appeals

Our Attorneys can help you win your commercial or residential assessment appeals in Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties.


Our Attorneys can help in the preparation and enforcement of your residential and commercial leases. 

Agreement of Sale

Buying or selling without a realtor can be scary – our Attorneys can craft the Agreement of Sale to fit client needs.

Buyer Representation

Our Attorneys help Buyers understand the purchasing process and avoid pitfalls that can derail a transaction. 

Seller Representation

Our Attorneys protect individuals, couples, Personal Representatives,  and Agents in during the sale of property.


Our Attorneys help Investors safely acquire real estate with limited or reduced risk.

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