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Wills—Planning Now, Smoother Transitions Later

Wills—yes, you need more than one. A little planning now through a Last Will and Testament LWT and a Living Will can provide peace of mind now for a smooth transition later.

There’s nothing superstitious about planning ahead.

Without planning, the urgent things often replace the important. It is important to take time for yourself, but that opportunity is rare unless you plan it. Putting it in writing on the schedule makes it happen despite the fact that life continues to throw “urgent” things on your plate.

Similarly, your Wills put the important decisions in writing before the urgent decisions become necessary.

A Last Will and Testament (LWT) allows you to make the decisions about who will inherit what from your estate. This document is important. Without a Last Will and Testament, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will make those decisions on your behalf.

Living Wills are important, lesser known, documents. A Living Will allows you to make medical decisions for yourself before you become physically or mentally unable. Often signed with a Health Care Power of Attorney (POA), this document gives instructions for your designated Agent to follow with regard to your medical care and end of life instructions.

Wills take the mystery out of a smooth transition.

Smooth transitions happen because of good planning. Knowing that you have made the important decisions now, putting your Wills in writing, gives you and your loved ones peace of mind when the urgency of an emergency comes. Whether a short recovery or a life altering circumstance, grief is hard. Don’t let the urgent replace the important.

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