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Trust. Every interaction we have with a client is based on the simple notion that they trust us to represent them in the best manner possible. Clients trust us for many reasons, but we believe that our significant and practical experiences are key to their trust.

The attorneys in our firm have successfully represented clients in many legal aspects – from purchasing a home, establishing a business, transitioning a business, closing a business, drafting an estate plan, avoiding probate, or administering an estate, which has resulted in our attorneys having a positive impact on many aspects of their client’s lives and livelihoods.

Buying a home is often the largest investment an individual will make in their lifetime; however, they will often go into the transaction without a clear understanding of what they are agreeing to. With our experience, home buyers will have a better understanding of the Agreement of Sale they intend to sign and we will work closely with their Realtor through the entire home-buying process. We are a full-service real estate law firm that handles everything through the settlement and closing process and all of our attorneys are licensed title agents, which means that we process every closing in-house, we do not “farm” it out to a third party. Beyond the normal transactions, we are also able to assist Sellers if they wish to proceed with a for sale by owner. We also work with investors looking to acquire properties, and represent landlords when their ownership interests are at issue.

We do not believe a client is well-served if we simply create a “cookie-cutter” estate plan – rather, we work with our clients to understand their individual needs, family dynamics, and last wishes. We have worked with many clients in the planning and administration of their estate, so we can provide our clients guidance as to what will work best for each unique situation. 

When an individual passes away their last expenses and debts must be paid before any assets (which may include their home, automobiles, bank accounts, and other individually titled assets) may be distributed to beneficiaries or heirs. This can be time consuming, frustrating, and overwhelming; however, we work with Personal Representatives and can keep the administration process flowing to resolve the estate in a timely manner.

When you have a new business, you should be protected. Our attorneys help you choose the right business entity type and prepare the appropriate documents – whether it is a limited liability company, partnership or corporation. Additionally, when you are ready to transfer your business to the next generation, buy a business, or sell your business – our trusted attorneys can provide efficient advice to help you avoid pitfalls. 

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We are a Murrysville-based law firm with over sixty years of experience representing clients in Westmoreland, Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Washington, and Fayette Counties.

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